Linguine con le seppie – Ricette primi

Pulire le seppie tenendo da parte un sacchetto dell’inchiostro. Rosolare la cipolla per 5 minuti nell’olio, unire le seppie, i pomodori a pezzi, sale e pepe. Coprire e cuocere a fuoco dolce, mescolando, per 1 ora o più. A fine cottura unire il nero di seppia e il vino e …

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  1. Three cheers for Sergio! I’ve been a fan, ever since I halpipy chanced upon Monsters and Water Beasts (Henry Holt. & Co.) many moons ago! I was so elated to discover that a distinct creative vision such as his could thrive in the children’s market. His work made such a strong impression because there is an emotional complexity there that you just don’t see all that often. On one hand his work is tender and endearing, but then there is also a hint of uneasiness quietly permeating beneath the surface that gives it so much depth. I particularly love the image you posted from his time at the Sendak Fellowship for this reason. Can’t get enough of how he playfully ratchets things up in this piece, really incredible! Thanks for the wonderful post. Consequently, I think I need to get ahold of Bears Invasion of Sicily!

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