Filetti di platessa al vino bianco – Ricette pesce

Fare sciogliere il burro in una padella e cuocervi i filetti surgelati a fuoco vivo per 2-3 minuti. Infarinare i filetti così scongelati e deporli in una pirofila. Versarvi sopra il vino e la panna, precedentemente portati a bollore nella padella di cottura dei filetti….

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  1. I still have several of the cokkbooos you so generously gave me when you downsized from one Northern California home to another. My favorite is still Barbara Tropp’s Modern Art of Chinese Cooking which has beautifully worn pages from you and now me. Just wanted to let you know that your sharing of food and recipes is a living, breathing entity in my apartment in Maine. The short ribs you made for the cast of The Last Schwartz still remains a dish that I go to again and again, adding bacon sometimes or mushrooms. Always lots of hearty red wine and handfuls of fresh herbs, as recommended. I think of you often when I cook. Thank you!

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